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2 Little Bunnies Easter Travels

Ballina was the Destination for our Easter holidays this year and Yes the Bunny did find us!!!
It turned out to be a damp and bleak break but an enjoyable one too with friends and family close, the kids had a ball socialising and riding there bikes from dusk till dawn. On our last day there we ventured along the beach to a place they call the Coffee Rocks, the kids had an awesome time exploring and getting Dirty! Looking at the state of Miss E's Pants, which we decided to put in the bin rather than trying to save them! ( Some how i don't think Nappy San would have got this one out) Hence the name the coffee rocks! 
All I'm getting now is when is it Xmas time Mum!!!!! Patience does not exsist when your 4 and 5..... They must get that from me? 
I caught Miss K  sitting on this log and asked why she was not swimming with her cousins?
She said she was worried that i had only brought 3 towels and she would have to sit in the car wet while we drove back to camp! O my god what have i done to my baby girl, she is the biggest worry wort ever known.... Mind you she was busy pigging out on a packet of chips when i asked her this, i think she just did not want to share :) xox love your work babe i'd go with the chips too.

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