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My favourite boy turns 11!!

On the 30th of Mar
ch 11 years ago a sweet prince arrived into our lives......  My godson Mr Z was the cutest baby we had ever laid our eyes on! I must admit watching him grow we did have our douts on whether or not he would ever realise that in fact he was NOT Peter Parker and No he was not really going to save us from all evil!!!!!  Although he still loves Spiderman he has restrained himself from crawling the furniture and walls? I think that having a brand new house pulled him into line,  there was to be no wall climbing going on in that new house!!!!!
Mr & Mrs H have done the best job in raising this boy into a sweet caring and typical 11 year old boy who just loves to have fun! Happy 11th birthday Spiderman oh i mean Mr Z we have loved being a part of your life, and you continue to make us proud xoxoxo     

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