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All i want for Xmas

Before the tooth went missing?

The tooth tale....... So it begins on a Thursday afternoon after much excitement of her FIRST tooth falling out at school!
We arrived home and she heads straight to the bedroom to find her tooth fairy box her Nanna bought her "To Keep it Very Safe" she explains? Which i thought would mean that it stay would stay in her room, safe in the box? About 10 mins later i heard this awful scream like she had injured herself? Rushing to see what had happened, i found her hysterical because she had lost the tooth! More worried in fear that if there was no tooth there would be NO MONEY!!!!!!!
She had decided to keep it by her side while she rode her bike around the house by hanging the box with the tooth in it over the handle bars??????? MMMMMM
We proceeded to search for the lost tooth for well over and hour, with no luck, then Dad arrived home and we searched a little more.......with the torch. After about which felt like 2 hours of searching our very worn out little girl, from crying just about the whole time was finally convinced that we weren't going to find that little tooth of hers! We had told her that the tooth fairy must have come down whilst we were searching and whisked it back to her home, because it was a beautiful healthy shiny white tooth and she needed it right away to make something fabulous!!!!!!! ( Not really sure what they do with them?)
Finally we had dinner and started cleaning up when the phone rang and as i picked it up i looked down and before my eyes i see this little white tooth!!!!! I could have cried 2 hours of searching in the cold rainy weather....... But it was all worth it when i showed her, that little face lit up like never before she was soooo relieved, and so was i!

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