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Moving to the country!!!!

Trying to coax the dog to come in the Dam?

They had tun of fun in the mud

Mr Scarecrow

Moving to the country going to eat alot of Peaches........ Does anyone remember this ridiculous song? Well if you do you probably haven't heard it for a decade, but since moving out here i can't seem to shake this song out of my HEAD!!!!!!!!! I've now tried to mix up the tune a little by changing the words like Moving to the country, going to see alot of snakes or going get really Dirty ???? LOL stupid i know, i have even caught myself singing it out loud in the car on the way to school with the kids and found them changing the words too! Miss K finished the song off the other day with going to ride motorbikes......... May be all this country air air is sending us mad!
Here is a few pics from the country, NO peaches included....

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Swift Jan said...

Oh I remember that sone LOL Classic!

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