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The Waiting game.....

Early hours Sunday the 8Th of October i was awoken by my little Maltese dog, panting frantically beside my bed, almost begging me to show her where to have her puppies...... Let me say it was amazing, i am just so proud of her!!!!! Between the hours of 2 and around 6am i was there to witness 5 little male Maltese puppies come into the world ( "5" i know i can't believe it either!) She was so exhausted by the 5Th, i was a little weary too..... that she needed a little help with the last one, the little guy come out very limp!
In panic mode i was on the phone straight away to find out how to revive the little guy, she was not losing one of these puppies after all that hard work.... And with lots of shaking, julting and blowing in his face we got him breathing again....... Here is a pic of one of the little guys, so cute.......

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