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"There is only one happiness in life and that is to LOVE and to Be LOVED" George Sand

On January the 9Th 2010 i attended the very special wedding of my Auntie Gloria and her very sweet and fun loving man Peter.
There scene was set in the front of the "Gatehouse" a beautiful and quaint little cottage style office that peter built with his own 2 hands... i must admit i did not know alot about how they met or what is was that made them fall head over heals for one another, but over the course of the evening it became very apparent to me that with age comes a love that really knows no bounds.

And just like Frank Sinatra sang :
Love's more comfortable the second time you fall
Like a friendly home the second time you call
Who can say what led us to this miracle we've found?
There are those who'll bet love comes but once and yet
I'm so glad we meet the second time around.......

I might be a little bi-est but, looking through the images of this wedding made my heart flutter with the excitement for these two lovely people starting a new together. It wasn't like many first weddings... mmm i should not say that, not that first weddings aren't filled with love! But i felt i was really there in the name of love and the very many meanings it has......

So overjoyed with happiness for you Auntie Gloria, may the laughter he brings you every day, go beyond your heart and fill your soul with love that will last an eternity.

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toni said...

Well said Kris!Hmmm,you're showing your true talented colours with these wedding things...maybe more to come???Really lovely images girl.

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