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Afternoon play

Yesterday afternoon we went and hung out at my mums house, the kids always have a ball and never want to come home!
These are a few images captured with my girlfriend Toni's 24-70mm lens love, love, love so want one now! NOW! dam it!

And of course what one does the other has to do too!

Me and my babes! They both had a turn at being behind the camera! Not Bad....

My mum and I stealing a kiss! O how i can't wait for that front tooth to come down!

And of course Benji the Dog!


toni said...

Mother/daughter lovin' is sooo sweeet.The girls are a good shot, future shutterbugs in the making!x

Scurrette said...

yey! I found your blog! Golly your daughter looks like you. ♥ I am so going to have to get you to come take some family pics.

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