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NExt on the list of a trillion things to do....

Hello all, as you can see i have just finished my wall of art project in my empty room that leads off of my kitchen and am thinking because we do not really have the funds to start knocking walls out ( I don't know why because knocking a few walls out can't cost that much money, right?????) I was thinking of making this area underneath the frames a study area for the kids! What do you guys think?
Or is it just best to wait for those walls to come a fallin and keep with my plan of a big open space? Patience is the key i know, but i have zippo of that! mmmmmm what to do next!

May be the "OFFICE" LOL - i'm hopeless


Angelina Plum Invites and Announcements said...

Do the office next. I can't wait to see what you do with that.

toni said...

girl u are on a bloggin roll lately love it!I think study area so the girls can use the space now,should be easy to undo when time comes to knock 'em down (the walls,not the girls lol).

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