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Had to blog

Today we went to Ipswich's Handmade Expo to support my good friend Ang who has a stall of beautiful frames and saying's and huge range of invites and announcements - you can find her at http://invitesandannouncements.blogspot.com/ for custom orders and my sister in law Kellie who makes the most De vine range of Children's Clothing she calls "Apple Tree" you can find at the Markets or for custom orders you can email her at appletree1912@hotmail.com.
So away we went and Miss K picked out this gorgeous outfit, wore it home and all!
So once we had gotten home and the light was just right we went out and captured a few images of her looking super cute.. She wanted a whole photo shoot bless her location and all... the back yard was not her first choice, but i think they turned out great.


Swift Jan said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! And the pictures are stunning!

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous outfit, love the shoot and what a beautiful little model. I was nearly at the expo today as well, but with the parade & another errand we couldn't fit it all in with the littlies.

P.S. I now know where Ms Debbie acquired those 2 beautiful tops for the girls 1st birthday. :)

toni said...

Sheeee's ba-ack! Freakin' awesome Kristy!Truly beautiful in so many ways. Yes to the clothes, yes to the dreamy light and yes to Miss K working that shoot.Keep them coming lady.x

Angelina Plum Invites and Announcements said...

Thanks mate. Beautiful girl, beautiful outfit and beautiful photos.

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