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The girls had a ball yesterday on a new jumping castle purchased for my dad's Ipswich Toy Hire business! Here are a few images of Ellie bell having the best time! So spoilt my children are to have all this at their finger tips! The Birthday Parties are awesome! Thanks DAD xoxox we love you very much!
After we packed them away that afternoon and had sat down after dinner I asked Ellie what was the best part of her day (we have got into a habit of asking them what was the worst and best part of their day, and then they ask us) she replied with "the best part of my day mummy was when Nanny come over"!
Well Dad is still in shock, about the reply! In a space of about 2 hours she had seemed to forget just how much fun she was having on grandad's jumping castles and made it all about Nanny! He replied very upset "I can't believe it, your telling me seeing nanna was better than that"! It just goes to show you how normal it is for them have jumping castles around, dad has had the business since they were babes so it is just the norm for them to live it and then forget it! Of course any other child would put this at the top of there list as the best part of there day, but not my little bugger sorry dad i just think she had so many best parts she did not know how to put them in order????????

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toni said...

I love your collage & funny little story. Ellie looks older in these pics for some reason , got a glimpse into how she's gonna look at sixteen, Ross will have to have the shotgun out to keep the boys away.xo

Bumpkin Bears said...

That looks like such a fun time, your girl is so pretty. Nice to meet your Blog, Catherine x

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