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My little Buddy turns 7!

We went to help Mr J turn 7 today...

I first met this little man when my eldest baby girl arrived into the world, born a day apart i had entered the nursery of the hospital to leave my little bundle with them while i got some well deserved rest! They had talked me into bringing her down there (protective mother) and i felt like i would have been the only one doing it... until  i walked in a saw this sweet little man.. I parked her up close to him so she had a friend, and that's how they stayed....

Mr J you are the sweetest boy i know, I'm sure you are never going to change!

"Happy Birthday"

Take a look at how awesome this party was...

 Congrats Mr and Mrs E you guys know how to throw a BASH!!!!!!!!

( These images loaded up all wrong no order)

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toni said...

wow,the mother of all parties,great pics as always Kris.

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