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Willing and Able.....NOT!!

This morning i needed Miss K to model a few pieces of Appletree's Clothing, she put up a huge stink and refused..... but after lots of coaching and a little bit of demanding she worked with me... here are a few we captured!
P.S. Notice the Love "AT" on the tree,  that's how i ended up getting her to cooperate! And that she could feed the horse! 



Swift Jan said...

Glad she cooperated in the end! Very worth the effort. Ella loves her [we call them] fancy pants :)

toni said...

How's that horse with it's tongue out, funny. She is a lovely model and a good girl for helping out her mum (bribes just go with out saying now don't they). I like her pants, are those the ones you were telling me about?

Bumpkin Bears said...

A girl after my own heart! I would do anything if I got to feed a horse when I was younger :) Lovely photos, x

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