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The 3 Bunnies..

 Ok I'm on a roll....
The girls had a great time, and although they had not spent alot of time together before they really hit it off! These are a few from the end of our shoot, Bella can you believe had not ever tried a Toffee apple before, great parenting by Toni ( No wonder my girls have already had to have a filling)
She just could not wait to get into it, hence the reason why we don't have many images of her from the day...Very Messy!


toni said...

Am loving this 'on a roll'!The girls had a blast didn't they. They are gorgeous...great captures. I'll be sending ya the dentist bill for Bella from that toffee apple lol!

toni said...

Oh, want to add that you worked a miracle to clean up Isabella's messy face in editing. I'll have to withhold your iphone charger so you keep posting!x

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