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Off to the Beach....

To all who follow, my apologies for the lack of posting.... It really sucks when you go and check a blog and there is nothing new to keep you going....So i though words are better than nothing at all!!!!!
Life has been a little crazy, the middle last month my baby went in to have her tonsils and adenoids removed which may i add took up the rest of July and into August playing nurse!
She not only had them removed, but then fell ill on top of it with the flu and a vomiting and diarrhea bug...
Just lovely it was!
Because we all got it, only the girls of course Daddy seemed to dodge it somehow?
In between that i have had a couple of shoots and lots of editing to keep me very busy! So this weekend we are heading of to the coast for a 2 night stay. So looking forward to soaking up some family time with our 2 little bunnies....ahhhh i can't wait


This is how our day ended in Byron, so dreamy

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Love K

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