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Sleepy Baby

Meet Joseph....
This little man was very tired on the day of our shoot and did not want to miss out on anything that was happening around, but once he finally gave in we were able to capture some very sweet images!

Meet Tony and Sam...3 weeks ago this little guy came into their lives, he is just the most precious thing, and i got a feeling he is going to be very loved!  
Thank you to you both for welcoming me into your home and letting me stand all over the coffee table!!!! 

I hope you enjoy your Sneak peek
P.S. Can't wait for my next cuddle of baby Joseph



toni said...

Oh those tiny wrinkles on his back, beautiful moments - especially that little chin resting on his arm. You certainly captured their special bond. They're very lovely. x

Swift Jan said...

Nawwwwww just lovely Kris xoxo

Kristy Mc Court said...

Thanks i am still feeling the clucky from this Shoot!!!!!!! EEEKKKKK got to get it out of my head.....no no no NO more Babies x

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