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Fraser Island Get Away....

The last week of the school holidays we headed to Fraser Island for a short escape from reality!
It was just what the doctor ordered and more.

known as K'gari by the Butchalla people, is the worlds largest sand island.....just for those follow from the other side of the world, and may not know of it.... this place is truly a MUST SEE!
We travelled along this pristine beach for miles to the our home for a week, a log cabin home by the name of Pete's Ree - Treat, located near the top of Fraser at a place called Orchid Beach.

This was not our fist trip to Fraser but one of many, i have the fondest memories as a child coming to this place with our whole family, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins the whole lot, it was soooo much fun.  
The last time however  was 4 years ago, for 2 weeks we camped right on the beach, our babes were just babes then just 3 and 2 years old! I will have to post a pic of them back them from that trip....sooo cute!

Till i go through the rest of them here is one of the girls and there sweet little pins


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toni said...

oooohhh this is just too cute, the leg bend is a killer! The colouring of the pic is so yummy! Can't wait for you to post more x

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