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World Wind

This year it feels has been like a world wind...... with my babes finally settling in to school mid year and
my hubby's plumbing business remaining at full steam.....this little blog i call a hobby, seems to have taken up a big chunk of it this year....believe me I'm not complaining, i feel very flattered that there are people out there that would like me to capture there moments for them..it's just when it all gets too overwhelming i want to run a mile....I don't officially work but some days i feel like it would be a heck of allot easier to have a 9-5 job!!!!! BUT having a day on roster with my kids and being there to take them and see there faces when i pick them up is PRICELESS and i wouldn't change it for the world! I am a very lucky lady i just need better time management to make it run smoother! I wonder if there is such a person to help with that? LOL
Prioritising seems to be a problem for me because every thing seems so important!!!! And saying "No" well I've gotten better at it this year! Yippee, one good thing.
This year has seemed to have gone so fast and these last few months especially have been jammed packed with ,FUN, New Friendships, Weddings, Birthdays, and moments that will last a lifetime!!!
We  even managed to have a scary moment where we thought we might have been having a 3rd child EEEEKKKKKK!
We are leaving on Holiday tomorrow and i did not want to end the year not updating this baby of mine soooo.......
A few days ago i managed to finally pick up my camera again to photograph my own children. Thought it was fitting since it is called 2 little bunnies to leave you with a few updated images of my 2 crazy girls.
We set it up like a proper shoot, pining up the love and wish signs in the back ground with Xmas cards in mind, unfortunately this is as far as they are going to get ....so Merry Xmas to all who follow xoxo
The girls picked there clothes and put on there favourite music and away we went! It all became a little too much for Ellie she just wanted to be silly!  She ended up with no nickers on under her skirt and wanted a lipstick smooch on her bottom for the photo...which i might add turned out adorable lol but probably not for Internet viewing i think!   I had way to many cute and crazy shots, so i just picked  randomly and edited the same....... Randomly and Quickly. ( Sorry Ton, so not cohesive)
 I have lots to blog but lately it seems to have gone to the bottom of the priority list, my apologies for anyone who actually checks my blog on a regular basis....... If you are one of these people please leave a comment and let me know,  good or bad.....honestly it's knowing someone is reading or looking that makes it all worth while.....


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 
Thank you for all the Friendships formed Old & New and the memories made in 2010
Till we meet in 2011...........
Much Love 


toni said...

I was so excited to see that you posted!!!! That first one of K is so pretty!
My absolute fave is the 2 of them lying on the rug together, it's just divine!
Yes it's been a heck of a year for you, so proud that you learnt to say a few NO's! I wonder what the New Year will bring? Merry christmas my dear friend, have a FAB holiday with your hubby & girls. xox

Kristy Mc Court said...

Toni I think u are my only follower!!!! But I'm more than happy with that cause ur words mean so much to me, thanks for a giving me encouragement and friendship this year you are one of a kind xxxx merry Xmas babe looking forward to another trip together next year! X

Crystal Bowman said...

Hahaha no, another closet follower here!! Love checkin out your photos they are always gorgeous!!

Angelina Plum Invites and Announcements said...

Me to. I check once a week. I love these ones. God the girls have grown heaps this year. Oh Hi Crystal!

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