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I's hard to hide.......when your HAPPY inside!

In the later months of 2010 year 2 girlfriends of mine entered in a competition to win a House party with the famous"Mama kin". They had to come up with a film clip to the song Beat and Holler. 
 After a little controversy they where announced the winners!!!!!!! You can check there short film clip out   here
My girls watched it over and over and begged me everyday for about 3 weeks to make a short film about them. 
We eventually got around to making our own one afternoon and admittedly i did not even know where to begin trying to put this together..... but this morning i though I'd give it a go! 
So here it is as a small, very low quality version i had alot of trouble getting it to load any bigger?????

P.S. You might have to pause the mix pod player right down the bottom of the page first so you can hear it?


toni said...

I don't know what to say, I can't stop chuckling! So cute and just love the stretching in bed & K's room is very photogenic :)
Thanks for making my Sunday afternoon, now Isabella wants to book you for a home movie lol. Luv ya x

Kristy Mc Court said...

Thanks Toni they had alot of fun making it x

Swift Jan said...

Simply gorgeous!!! That will be a special thing for them to keep forever!!
Well done xoxo

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