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Lucy becomes a "BIG" sister.....

So does anyone remember Lucy the little girl with the pearls
 and those amazing Big eyes i photographed a while back? 
If not I will refresh you memory with a pic at the end of this post) 

Anyway she has finally become a big sister to sweet little "Olivia Hope"
These 2 girls have both been blessed with the same amazing eyes 
and are surely going to break some hearts as the get older!
Here are a few of the girls captured separatly for now.....
Lucy is still not sure if she is happy with Olivia raining on her parade!


Sweet Lucy lou still as cute a button!
Just a little shy.


Swift Jan said...

Oh my how gorgeous are both of those girls!!! Litte Lucy is so so sooooo cute!

toni said...

oh yes I remember those big eyes and she has grown even prettier! Love those 2 of her now. These are some of my faves from you kris.x

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