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This little bunny

We had a big day out in the yard cleaning up today and as the day was coming to an end....
this little bunny approached me with "Hey mum can we do a photo shoot"?
I was feeling absolutely bugged but i have had this chair that i picked up in Mt Tambourine one week end back in January and has been restored now for a number of weeks, so i could not let this opportunity pass me by!
Sooooo with a quick change of clothes we gathered a few things and our "New" Prop and away we went!
Love you big girl xxx
Will post more of the girls together from this shoot, Miss "E" actually wanted to have her picture taken too for a change?

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toni said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the tones, all blends perfectly together and wow K is growing more beautiful than ever. Great location-and you wonder why I would want to live at your place! Stunning images Kris.xo

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