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Meet Bert....

Meet Bert the Kombi

Or i should say Andrew & Gemma's little baby! 

These cool cats invited us around recently for pizza and drinks on a Friday arvo,
and i did ponder for a while if they may have been making some huge announcement!

Like may be a Marriage Proposal.....

But as we headed for the back yard i layed my eyes on this Sweet Ride!

Bert as they like to call him made his way from somewhere in Sydney to the Queensland State
and is now in the safe hands of this 2 gorgeous couple, who will be definitely be treating him like there first born baby! lol 

I have such Kombi Envy......but Elated with joy all the same :)

I can't wait for our first girls trip to Byron Bay 


P.S. Apparently Bert has an Ernie
Hmmmm just need to rob a bank so i can bring him and his mate back together!

You can check out the Adventure's of Bert here at kombibert.blogspot.com.au

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