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New Beginnings....

It's Official I'm a mess.......... Call me a snob but the public school system stinks, very unorganised or should i say organised Chaos!!!!!! Yes i will admit i need to give it more than half an hour but it is going to take a little while for this big Bunnie to settle in i think! Listen to me?????? such a snob i have just been spoilt, that's all, and who doesn't want the very best for there babies. right?
I even come away thinking right sign me up for uni I'm going back to school teaching here i come LOL LOL LOL.
So the morning began with my eager babes wanting to get dressed and head off, but somehow i think tomorrow will be a different story! I left my littlest of babes in a face full of tears this morning and my biggest of babes with a face that knows how to hold them back. And me???? You may be thinking? Yes a complete mess i even considered taking a photo of my pathetic self but it would not have been a good look.... and no they didn't see me cry although i did have to almost sprint out of the class room! As i am typing this i am slowly composing myself and i do know it will get better, friendships will form and smiles will slowly creep back on to there tiny little faces and mine, but for now i am missing the connections we made at our old school.
Off to do some book work... xoxoxoxoxox


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