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Captured :)

After much trouble with my computer i introduce.."The Zeilders"

While shooting families i get to get a glimpse of the beautiful bonds that parents have with there children.... 
in this case i was extra lucky because we had both sets of grandparents there too, a whole lot of extra LoVe to go around! I hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek from our afternoon together guys i will be in touch soon for you to see them all.
P.S. Sorry they are all over the page! They are supposed to be in a straight line? 
Arrrhhh Computers!

Birdie Love....

Ma with her girls


toni said...

Fabulous! Great job at capturing this big loving family and also at capturing that many people at one time, that certainly is difficult!
I just loved looking at this post, your arrangements are so nice.xox

Swift Jan said...

Beautiful family!

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