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OK Finally i have got around to posted some our the images captured on our weekend away..
The date was locked in and we were excited, we could have not asked for a better excuse to bag our bags, the camera and of course the girls! On the hunt for all things vintage!
Even if we didn't find a thing at the fair we were just so excited to be doing a location shoot together!
Luckily enough for us we can across some great treasures and a awesome location, that was just off the beaten track and did not look like much from the road...but turned into a little wonderland...Perfect for trying to work some magic behind the camera!
There is soo much to tell about this trip but i will have to blog from time to time and fill you all in...
here is a start though.
This is the special and very gorgeous lady i had the pleasure of getting away with!
I found her by accident...no it must have been fate that our friend ship would develop into something 
great.... After photographing her and her 2 little bunnies around mmmmm almost 2 years ago???? Is this right Ton???? Geez where has the time gone????? We have had endless conversations about our passion for Photography, she has taught me so much over this time, not only about my work,  but alot about myself. 
I thank you my friend

This is how our mornings looked, ahhh take me back

This is the sweet Isabella, the eldest of Toni's little bunnies


toni said...

Oh damn, I'm nearly all teary at your beautiful words Kris.xox. Images are exceptional, I love them to bits!We did have an awesome time didn't we, it's etched into my heaert & memory forever.

Swift Jan said...

Gorgeous Goegeous Gorgeous!!!!!

Kristy Mc Court said...

Your the best.... you 2 always will and able to comment, it's you guys that make it all worth while xoxo

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