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Book Week Fun

Better known as a form of Parent Punishment....
No only kidding, well not if you have children like mine that can't make a decision about what they would like to dress up as!!!!! mmmm i wonder where they get that from????
We were all set Miss Ellie had decided on being a princess, and Miss Kalahni was set with the idea of being Lola from the Hannah Montana Series.
About 8:00am the morning of,  Miss K decided that she would rather be the bad witch from the "Wizard of Oz" Little darling she is, and me such a sucker for sparkly red shoes, said OK, so we dug out the black shoes and madly Glittered them up!
Here is the end result pretty cute i think for a rush job.
Things always seem to work out better when put under pressure!

Till next year



Swift Jan said...

And you even had stripey socks lying about! Well done !!

toni said...

Very cool. Those stripey socks and sparkly shoes look fantastic! Love your (shot) angles too.

Bumpkin Bears said...

Fantastic, love her shoes with the stripey socks! I'm having a giveaway over on my Blog if you fancy hopping along :) Catherine x

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